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Making Space in Your Apartment

One aspect of apartment living that is common among all Meriden residents is a need for more space. These tips will not only give you some apartment decorating ideas, they will help you fit more stuff into your space.

  • Command Hooks. These are the renter’s best friend because they go anywhere and come off without leaving a scratch. Use them to hang scarves, bags, hats in the closet or lids inside kitchen cabinets.
  • Bed Risers. A simple tool with great potential. Paired with a bed skirt, you can create a large storage space under your bed that disappears. Use flat storage boxes to make sliding things out and back easier.
  • Hanging Racks. Storage racks over doors can hold cables in the office, herbs in the kitchen, and beauty supplies in the bathroom. Your imagination is the only limit here.
  • Tension Rods. Use under the sink to hold cleaners, or in the closet to add an extra bar. Another in the bathtub can hold a mesh bag for toys or provide space to drip-dry laundry.

Fresh finishes and extra storage space are only two reasons why our residents love living here at Alvista Willow Brook. Contact us to find out more.


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