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Teach Your Dog to Play Hide and Seek

Dogs love to play whether it’s catch or frisbee. Anything that involves running around and having quality time with their pet parents is at the top of your dog’s list. One fun way to incorporate fun, exercise, quality time and provide a mental and physical workout is to play hide and seek with your dog.

This popular kid’s game is one your dog will love to play and it’s easy to get Spot started with just a few lessons. Here are a few tips from the ASPCA:

  • Have your dogs favorite treats and toys on hand.
  • Give your dog the command to sit and stay.
  • Hide in the next room but stay fully visible.
  • Call your dog, just once, to come to you.
  • When he comes into the room and “finds” you, make a big deal out of it with lots of praise plus treats. Use his toy for a game of tug-of-war to enhance the experience.
  • Hide again leaving part of yourself visible.
  • Do this several times providing rewards each time.
  • After several games, make it more difficult by hiding completely out of sight. You want your dog to find you based on smell versus sight.
  • Play the game often.

Keep your dog fit and happy with an exciting game of hide and seek in our community!