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Using Color In Your Apartment

Using neutrals and muted tones may be a way to make sure you’re not clashing styles throughout your home, but they can also make your home dull and boring. Here are two apartment design tips for adding versatile color to your rooms to spice them up and get a unique look.

  • Blue. Because it is the color of the sky and the ocean, blue is often used to make a room feel more cool, relaxed, and calm. Go against the grain by choosing electric blues to use in accents such as throws and pillows, or choose bright blue or turquoise to make your space feel lively and energetic.
  • Red. This is the color of energy, of passion, of strong appetites. Red is used to inspire and to create a feeling of movement and activity. Go against the grain by choosing less saturated shades to create a calming and fresh space, or choose the deepest hues to create a sultry and romantic feeling that inspires cozying up with a glass of wine.

We love to find unique ways to make your Meriden apartment reflect your personal style. Contact us to learn more about first-class living at Alvista Willow Brook.

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